Census Records

Census records are often considered primary sources. However, the accuracy of the information is dependent on the person collecting the information. Some of the census records do not record the Bannister’s race and so defaults to white, while some record Edward and Christiana’s race as mulatto (one Black parent and one white parent). I maintain a digital library of many of the newspaper articles, academic journals, some books, government records, and miscellaneous materials about the Bannisters listed in this bibliography. Access is provided upon request.

U.S. Census Bureau. “1820: South Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island;” NARA Roll: M33_115; page 123; Image: 123. 

Lists James Babcock with 8 other free colored persons: 1 female 45 years or older, 4 females 14-25 years old, 3 males 14-25 years old (Christiana’s father), and 1 female under 14 years old (possibly Christiana).


U.S. Census Bureau. “1830: North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island;” Series: M19; Roll: 167; Page: 176; Family History Library Film: 0022266. 

Lists James Babcock with 10 other free colored persons: 1 male 55-99 years old, 1 female 36-54 years old, 3 females 10-23 years old (possibly Christiana Bannister and possibly Rachel Babcock), 3 males 10-23 years old, 2 females under 10 years old, and 2 males under 10 years old. 


U.S. Census Bureau. “1850: Providence Ward 3, Providence, Rhode Island;” Roll: 844; Page: 222b. 

Lists Christiana Carteaux, aged 32 and born in RI living with John and Elizabeth Smith. John, aged 35, was born in the West Indies Christiana and Elizabeth, aged 29, were born in Rhode Island.​


​U.S. Census Bureau. “1850: Boston Ward 5, Suffolk, Massachusetts;” Roll: 335; Page: 266a. 

Edward appears in the Boston in the 1850 census with his brother William. Edward and William are both working as hairdressers and are living with John D. Revaleon and Harriet Revaleon who were also hairdressers. In 1845 John Revaleon advertised for a journeyman barber to work in his shop on Blackstone Street in Boston.


U.S. Census Bureau. “1860: Boston Ward 6, Suffolk, Massachusetts;” Roll: M653_521; Page: 894; Family History Library Film: 803521.

Lists Edward Bannister, aged 37, race mulatto living with Christiana Bannister aged 30, race mulatto. He was working as an artist. No occupation is listed for Christiana.


U.S. Census Bureau. “1870: Providence Ward 8, Providence, Rhode Island;” Roll: M593_1480; Page: 355B, dwelling 871, family #: 1521. 

Lists Edward Bannister, artist, aged 38, Christiana Bannister, hairdresser, aged 40, Estelle Babcock, keeping house, aged 19, William Bannister, at home, aged 15, and Rachel Babcock, at home, aged 40.


U.S. Census Bureau. “1880: Providence, Providence, Rhode Island;” Roll: 1211; Page: 187A; Enumeration District: 011. 

Lists E. M. Bannister aged 48 living at 67 Cushing Street with his wife Christiana aged 52. He was working as an artist and she was working as a Ladies Hairdresser. Edward’s parents were born in the West Indies and Christiana’s were born in RI.


U.S. Census Bureau. “1900: Providence Ward 7, Providence, Rhode Island;” Roll: 1507; Page: 15; Enumeration District: 0058; FHL microfilm: 1241507.

Lists Edward Bannister as head of house # 60 Wilson Street, dwelling #540, family # 374. He was born in Nov 1827 and had been married 40 years. He was born in Canada and his mother and father were born in Barbados. He came to the U.S. in 1860 and was working as an artist. He rented his house. His wife was Christiana who was born in April 1826. She and both her parents were born in Rhode Island. She was working as a Lady Hairdresser.